Covid-19 Safe Travel

This Learning Tour will operate in accordance with current government guidelines and requirements.

Every effort will be made to ensure that all aspects of the tour adhere to current Covid-19 restrictions. We ask that all participants familiarise themselves with the expectations to ensure that we can work together to ensure Covid-19 safe work and travel.

Any booked participant that is experiencing relevant illness symptoms as outlined by the Australian Health Authorities will not be able to attend unless they have tested negative using a RAT. Please book flexible travel to allow for last minute changes and rebooking.

Any participant that becomes unwell during the tour must immediately inform the tour facilitators and follow appropriate steps of isolating to avoid passing on illness. 

Each venue that the tour visits will have an approved Covid-19 Safe plan in place if required. The local plan will direct the nature of how participants engage and interact at that venue.

Tour participants will be required to abide by social distancing requirements and to wear a mask if required when not able to socially distance appropriately.

Each participant will be allocated their own room at the accommodation venues unless they are travelling with someone that they normally reside with and request a shared room.