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This page is your one stop shop for resources on Contemporary Learning. Read through as you need, or see below options. 

General Resources

Contemporary Learning Watering Hole

We encourage you to join the Contemporary Learning Watering Hole. This is a Facebook group for Lutheran Educators group where we can share learnings, gain support, and celebrate the culture of Contemporary Learning Transformation. With now over 1000 contributing educators (the majority from Lutheran Schools) connecting, it has become a rich resource for collaboration and inspiration. As you progress through tour Contemporary Learning journey, we encourage you to share thoughts and learnings from your own settings as well as from other parts of the world.

Contemporary Learning Framework

We are pleased to share the Contemporary Learning Framework – Core Elements of a Contemporary School . Your tour experience will help you unpack this framework, and provide you with the tools you need to consider Contemporary Learning at your school. We provide continued, tailored support as you return to your school and implement the framework. 

Pre-Tour Resources

These resources are important pre-reading and viewing before you attend a tour. Please familiarise yourself with these key resources before the tour, and refer to them throughout. 

As you read, and during the tour, we encourage you to consider the following:

What aspects of the vocational practices and the Contemporary Learning Framework are you and your school targeting?

Why are you on this Contemporary Learning Tour?

Video Resources 

The following video content is useful pre-watching for our tours. In particlar, we recommend you watch the short film 'New School', and select a couple of small snippets from the responses by Stephanie McConnell (Principal of Linfield Learning Village. 

To watch the short film 'New School', or 'Most Likely to Succeed':

Click below, or go to 

Click on Login –


Password: #n3wschool

Then go to the blue smiley face and choose PURCHASES – you will then see the link to NewSchool

To watch some of the Stephanie McConnell snippets:

Click once on the blue smiley face and you will see a number of videos to choose from. 

Growing Deep Framework

Click below to read.

Model for Learning and Collaboration

Click below to read.

Reflection Resources

Impact/Effort Matrix

Click below to read.

Mood Meter

Click below to read.

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